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Setting Up Your Saltwater Aquarium

green Coral in salt water fish tank

Dipping your toes in the aquarium hobby? Starting that dream tank? Suffering from Multiple Tank Syndrome and just need that new tank? We understand! Take a look at this article on how to get that new aquarium set up, then sit back and enjoy the relaxing view. Take stock of your equipment Make sure you’re … Read more

Setting Up Your Saltwater Refugiums

Saltwater Refugiums figure

Refugiums are a popular, and important, component to a thriving reef system. As the name suggests, it is a refuge. A typical refugium is an area, usually in the sump, for copepods and beneficial critters to live and multiply without fear of predation by the fish in the display. The ‘fuge is also a good … Read more

Aquatic Experience

Aquatic Experience photos

Aquatic Experience Aquatic Experience was held on October 19, 20, & 21st. It was a three-day event with Saturday being the busiest day. Aquatic experience has traditionally held its show in Chicago all these years this was the first time that they exhibited in Secaucus, New Jersey. The show is mostly geared towards the freshwater … Read more

Different Types of Filtration Methods and Media

Fancy Red Gold Fish snacking on duck weed from the water surface

We like to make our tanks look good — lots of life, lots of activity, and, let’s be honest – we like to feed a lot! This results in lots of “stuff” in the water that needs to be filtered out. Whether you’re looking at particles or nutrients, there’s a filtration media suited to the … Read more

MACNA 2018

MACNA 2018 sign

MACNA 2018 Marine Aquarium Conference of North America held it’s 30th annual conference in Las Vegas this year. MACNA is hosted by MASNA – Marine Aquarium Societies of North America, a governing body for clubs and reef societies. The show boasted over 150 vendors and over 30 speakers. Since Las Vegas is a popular vacation … Read more

The Nitrogen Cycle

Livebearer Swordtail fish in an aquarium

The Nitrogen Cycle When you put together an aquarium, you’re building an aquatic home from the ground up. Everything from the decorations, to the sand or gravel, to the kinds of livestock that will be calling your aquarium home. The more stable the habitat, the better off your inhabitants will be! And a very important … Read more

Lifespan of Freshwater Fishes Pt 1

fish in freshwater aquarium with beautiful tropical plants

Lifespan of Freshwater Fishes Pt 1 Some of us get a pet fish and get attached! We name them, we keep them clean, we feed them, and if we’re lucky they learn to think of us as the ‘Food Bringer’, swimming up to the glass to get our attention when we’re nearby. So when we … Read more

How to Acclimate Freshwater Aquarium Fish to your Tank

acclimating your freshwater fish to your tank

How to Acclimate Freshwater Aquarium Fish to your Tank After setting up your new aquarium and going through the tedious process of waiting for the tank to cycle, it can be very tempting to snag some pretty fish at the aquarium store and release them quickly to liven things up. Unfortunately, this can lead to … Read more

What types of foods can I feed my aquariums?

Ocellaris Clown fish tank with reef as background

What Types of Foods Can I Feed My Aquariums? Quick! Your aquarium is hungry! What do you grab first? We are going to look at the different types of food your aquarium inhabitants could be interested in. The better the nutrition you give them, the healthier they’ll be! It’s important to pick a type of … Read more

What Kind of Aquarium is Right for Me?

school of small silver fish by sea turtle

What kind of aquarium is right for me? Maybe the kids want a fish, or your dentist appointment wait was a little too long — or maybe you just got back from vacation in a tropical somewhere and want a little piece of the ocean with you! Aquarium keeping is a rewarding hobby, and we’re … Read more