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A FantaSEA Tribute to Jake Adams

Here at FantaSEA Aquariums, we’re always working on staying up-to-date on the goings-on in the (saltwater) aquarium hobby and industry. That’s why we were deeply saddened to hear about the sudden loss of one of our favorite reef writers and “reefluencers”, who was among the biggest names in the saltwater community: Jacob (Jake) Adams. He … Read more

Aquatic Experience 2019

Kids doing aquatic experiments

Aquatic Experience 2019 Aquatic experience was held in October 2019 in Secaucus New Jersey this was the second time that this show was held in this location although no show dates have been announced for 2020 yet. Compared to the show last year, this one was much smaller although it boasted many household brand names … Read more

Aquatic Experience

Aquatic Experience photos

Aquatic Experience Aquatic Experience was held on October 19, 20, & 21st. It was a three-day event with Saturday being the busiest day. Aquatic experience has traditionally held its show in Chicago all these years this was the first time that they exhibited in Secaucus, New Jersey. The show is mostly geared towards the freshwater … Read more

MACNA 2018

MACNA 2018 sign

MACNA 2018 Marine Aquarium Conference of North America held it’s 30th annual conference in Las Vegas this year. MACNA is hosted by MASNA – Marine Aquarium Societies of North America, a governing body for clubs and reef societies. The show boasted over 150 vendors and over 30 speakers. Since Las Vegas is a popular vacation … Read more