Ponds & Outdoor

Did you know that you can stock your beautiful outdoor pond with many varieties of common aquarium fish provided it is setup properly?

Benefits of Outdoor Ponds & Fountains

Having active & beautiful fish in your outdoor pond or fountain can not only create a stunning outdoor scene but it can actually solve many problems associated with outdoor water features.

  • Insect larvae born in the water are typically eaten by the fish, reducing outdoor pets.
  • You rarely need to feed outdoor fish since food naturally occurs reducing daily maintenance requirements.
  • Your pond or fountain will not be as likely to suffer from cloudy water.
  • Your outdoor water feature will be a point of interest for people to marvel at as opposed to just a standing body of water.

Design of Outdoor Ponds & Fountains

Whether you’re looking to create an aquatic feature integrated into your landscape or just a simple entryway pond our team of designers will craft a plan that meets your budget and vision. FantaSEA Aquariums will manage your pond or outdoor water feature project from start to finish by working cohesively with plumbers, electricians, masons, and landscapers to build a truly stunning outdoor scene.

  • Koi ponds & Japanese themed water features
  • Common tropical fish ponds
  • Catfish and other native species ponds
  • Living fountains
  • Self replenishing rain water ponds

Add Fish to an Existing Pond

Tired of looking at the murky still waters of your pond? Adding fish, plants, and the components necessary to sustain homeostasis can result in turning an ugly pond into a beautiful conversation point. Our team is experienced in up-fitting ponds of all size to accommodate livestock and plant life. Just like our full design and installation service the up-fit team will work with local contractors and manage the project from start to finish. Whether you just need a few new varieties of fish to reduce algae growth, or you need a complete filtration, lighting, and aeration system we will work with you to create the perfect outdoor scene.

When guests come to our house they always comment on the Koi and Lilly Pads in our pond. We love sitting on our porch and looking at the pond!
Julia R.,
Crofton, MD Home Owner