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Electric Yellow Cichlid Care | Labidochromis caeruleus

electric yellow cichlid in white stone fish tank

Looking to set up an aquarium to keep one or multiple of the endless colorful African cichlid species? Consider one of the classics of this branch of the aquarium hobby: the striking Labidochromis caeruleus, better known as the electric yellow cichlid. Its small size and relatively peaceful nature make the electric yellow cichlid one of … Read more

L333 Pleco Care Guide: Breeding, Diet, Behavior & More

L333 Hypancistrus catfish in the aquarium.

The L333 is a very appealing pleco type for many aquarists. Unlike the popular common pleco, this species stays relatively small and is rather docile. When it comes to ‘fancy plecos’, it’s rightly one of the more popular types! Scientific name Hypancistrus sp. Habitat Rio Xingu River, Brazil Size <6 inches Temperament Mostly peaceful, can … Read more

Tankmates for Freshwater Angelfish

Close up of Angel fish

As we’ve mentioned in the angelfish care guide, we adore the sight of an amazing angelfish aquarium filled with members of this regal species. But what if you want to add some other fish as well? Angels are skittish and need calm, but at the same time they’re able to easily eat smaller tankmates. Luckily, … Read more

How Long Do Goldfish Live?

Telescope eye fancy goldfish top view

Goldfish are seen as the perfect beginner pet and some of them end up living for quite a few years. Most, though, perish pretty quickly. How is that possible and what can you do to make sure your goldfish lives a happy life (so you don’t have to tell your kid that Goldie passed away)? … Read more

How To: Aquascaping

Aquarium with plants and driftwood

If you’re new to the world of (planted) aquariums, the concept of aquascaping can seem like a bewildering one. How do aquarists set up these amazing underwater landscapes? Luckily, creating your own basic aquascape is not actually as difficult as some fear. Keep reading to find out how to get started with your first aquascape! … Read more