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Bubble Tip Anemone Care & Info | A Beginner-Proof Anemone

Rose bubble tip anemone in the aquarium

Looking for something unusual to decorate your reef with? Or trying to find a suitable host for your clownfish? Corals are nice and all, but there’s more! Let us introduce you to the bubble tip anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor), a colorful anemone that’s become pretty popular in the marine aquarium hobby. Keep reading for everything you … Read more

Candy Cane Coral Care & Info

Candy Cane Coral Care and info

If you’re just getting started with your first reef or just don’t want any hassle, sticking with easy corals is your best bet. It’s so frustrating when an expensive coral kicks the bucket and you’re not sure why! One of our favorite easy choices is Caulastraea furcata, also known as the candy cane coral. Not … Read more

Zoanthid Garden | Zoa Care & Info

Zoanthid garden with Zoa polyps

When it comes to corals for home reef aquariums, there are few genera out there that come close to Zoanthus (plural: Zoanthids) in terms of collectibility. There are so many colors and varieties of this species (lovingly referred to as ‘Zoas’) available, it’s hard to not devolve into a frenzy of trying to have them … Read more

Kenya Tree Coral Care & Growing | Capnella sp.

Close up of Green Kenya Tree Coral (Capnella sp.)

Are you just starting your reef aquarium journey and feel a little intimidated by the care requirements of many corals? Or are you an experienced aquarist looking for something nice and uncomplicated? Whatever your skill level, Kenya tree corals from the genus Capnella are an attractive choice. They’re not just decorative, but also highly adaptable … Read more

Scolymia Coral Care & Growing

If you’ve been a reef keeper for a while, you’re almost certainly going to be aware of the existence of the genus Scolymia. This is one of the most beloved types of LPS (large polyp stony) corals. It’s not difficult to see why: also known as Scoly, Scolymia coral is exquisitely colorful! Keep reading for … Read more