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Swordtail Care & Info | Xiphophorus hellerii

Male and female swordtail fish in a planted aquarium.

Livebearer species have dominated the top of the list of popular aquarium fish for as long as any aquarist can remember, especially for beginning aquarists. They’re easy to keep and breed, colorful, and will cheer up any tank with their lively behavior. One of our favorite livebearer species is the swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii), which set … Read more

Is My Yellow-Bellied Slider Turtle Male Or Female?

Yellow-bellied slider turtle

Thinking of getting a yellow-bellied slider turtle? Or maybe you’ve just adopted one, but the previous owner or shop didn’t mention whether it’s a boy or a girl? You’re probably wondering about the differences between a male vs female yellow-bellied slider turtle. Although it often takes some practice to learn to reliably tell the males … Read more

Tiger Barb Care & Info | Bold Stripes, Bolder Personality

Tiger Barbs fish close up swimming

Sometimes the classics get a little boring… sometimes they don’t. The latter is the case for tiger barbs (Puntigrus tetrazona), a schooling aquarium fish that has been around ever since folks first started keeping fish tanks in their homes. Tiger barbs are appreciated for their bright colors and hardiness, but have gained a bit of … Read more