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L333 Pleco Care Guide: Breeding, Diet, Behavior & More

L333 Hypancistrus catfish in the aquarium.

The L333 is a very appealing pleco type for many aquarists. Unlike the popular common pleco, this species stays relatively small and is rather docile. When it comes to ‘fancy plecos’, it’s rightly one of the more popular types! Scientific name Hypancistrus sp. Habitat Rio Xingu River, Brazil Size <6 inches Temperament Mostly peaceful, can … Read more

Bristlenose Pleco Care & Information

bristlenose pleco on aquarium class

If you’re interested in keeping “suckermouth” catfish (also referred to as “Plecos”) in your aquarium, the adult size of some of the species mentioned in our article on these catfish might seem a little intimidating. But don’t worry: not all Plecos grow into tankbusters. If you can provide an aquarium of 30 gallons or up, … Read more

5 Fascinating Plecostomus Catfish Species

Common Pleco close up in small aquarium

If you’re stocking a (South American-style biotope) aquarium, it’s pretty much inevitable to come across one of the many genera of tropical catfish out there. One of the most popular categories of catfish is generally collectively referred to as “Plecostomus catfish” or Plecos for short, despite the fact that only one of them carries this … Read more