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Swordtail Care & Info | Xiphophorus hellerii

Male and female swordtail fish in a planted aquarium.

Livebearer species have dominated the top of the list of popular aquarium fish for as long as any aquarist can remember, especially for beginning aquarists. They’re easy to keep and breed, colorful, and will cheer up any tank with their lively behavior. One of our favorite livebearer species is the swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii), which set … Read more

Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera picta) | The Strange Starfish-Eating Shrimp

Harlequin shrimp underwater photo.

As regular readers will know, we love invertebrates over here at FantaSEA, and we’ve already discussed many on the blog. None of them are quite as spectacular-looking or wacky as the topic of this care guide, though: harlequin shrimp of the genus Hymenocera. If you’d like to add a seriously weird shrimp to your tank, … Read more

Camel Shrimp Care & Info | Hump-Backed Aquarium Shrimp

Close-up of a camel shrimp in the wild.

Is your marine aquarium still missing a pop of color? We’ve got just the thing for you: camel shrimp, scientifically known as Rhynchocinetes durbanensis. Hardy, beginner-proof, and suitable for nano tanks, this tropical shrimp is all color and no complications. We love its candy-cane striped pattern! Below, let’s have a look at everything you need … Read more

8 Easy Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Beginners

Firefish goby (a type of dartfish) in the aquarium.

Just getting started on your first marine aquarium? Finding the right fish for your tank and combining them in a way that avoids territorial quarrels can be a challenge. There are so many different species out there. Which do you choose?! Why not go for a hardy species that will forgive the occasional beginner mistake? … Read more

Bubble Tip Anemone Care & Info | A Beginner-Proof Anemone

Rose bubble tip anemone in the aquarium

Looking for something unusual to decorate your reef with? Or trying to find a suitable host for your clownfish? Corals are nice and all, but there’s more! Let us introduce you to the bubble tip anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor), a colorful anemone that’s become pretty popular in the marine aquarium hobby. Keep reading for everything you … Read more