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Dogfaced Pufferfish Care | Man’s Best Underwater Friend

Dog faced puffer fish photographed from above.

Looking for an unusual addition to your saltwater aquarium? You might just have found it! The dogfaced pufferfish (Arothron nigropunctatus) is a pretty funky-looking species. It can make a great choice for the somewhat experienced aquarist who is looking for an underwater pet they can really connect with. Keep reading for everything you need to … Read more

Stars and Stripes Puffer Care | A Star-Spangled Pufferfish

White spotted puffer fish

They’re not reef-safe, will happily munch on anything they can get between their powerful teeth, and need a pretty massive aquarium to thrive. Why in the world would anyone want to keep the stars and stripes puffer (Arothron hispidus)? It might be their funky pattern, but more likely it’s down to puffers’ amazing personalities. Highly … Read more

Maroon Clownfish | Caring For Nemo’s Feisty Cousin

Maroon clownfish in an anemone

The maroon clownfish (Amphiprion biaculeatus) is one of the most popular aquarium fish available, which is not surprising given their spectacular colors. Unfortunately, this species is also a rather bad neighbor, so you need to consider their aggression level before adding one to your tank. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know … Read more