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What Is A Coral? | Corals & Reefs Explained

Over here on the FantaSEA blog, we talk about corals a lot. After all, they’re among the most coveted aquarium décor for saltwater fishkeepers! But let’s back things up a bit for the ones among us who aren’t experienced reefkeepers yet. After all, understanding the basics of these organisms helps us better understand how to … Read more

Torch Coral Care & Info | Euphyllia glabrescens

Torch Coral Care & Info | Euphyllia glabrescens

Whether you’re a beginning reef keeper looking for a suitable first LPS coral or an experienced aquarist in need of something not too challenging, you’ve found the right species. Euphyllia glabrescens, also known as the torch coral, is a colorful and popular choice. Let’s go into torch coral care and what you need to know … Read more

Blue Streak Cleaner Wrasse | Labroides dimidiatus Care

Blue Streak Cleaner Wrasse swimming next to a larger fish in front of a coral reef

If you’re a long-time reader of the FantaSEA Aquarium blog, you’re probably aware of our love for wrasses like the Melanurus wrasse and six line wrasse. Today, let’s put another one of these fascinating aquarium fish in the spotlight: the blue streak cleaner wrasse, scientifically known as Labroides dimidiatus. Keep reading for everything you need … Read more

Fox Faced Rabbit Fish Care & Info

The foxface rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus) is a species of fish f

It’s colorful, a champion algae eater and peaceful towards its tankmates. Oh, and it sports venomous spikes. How cool can a fish be?! We’re talking about the fox faced rabbitfish, of course. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about fox faced rabbitfish and their care in the home aquarium.  Name (Common, Scientific) … Read more

Yellow Tang Care & Info | Zebrasoma Flavescens

Yellow tang aquarium fish

Even if you’re brand new to the aquarium hobby, the yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) is one fish species you’ve probably already heard of. Named for its bright neon yellow color, this species is a long-time aquarium favorite and a great addition to the larger saltwater tank. Keep reading for everything you need to know about … Read more