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Golden Dwarf Moray Eel Care | Gymnothorax melatremus

Golden dwarf moray eel in aquarium live rock.

If you think moray eels, you’re probably thinking of big fish for even bigger aquariums. But did you know there’s one exception? The golden dwarf moray eel, a species that’s still relatively rare in the hobby, reaches a maximum of only around 12”, although that still doesn’t mean it’s a fish for everyone. Keep reading … Read more

Banana Eel Care & Info | Gymnothorax miliaris

Gymnothorax miliaris moray eel

Interested in keeping a moray eel? We get it! There aren’t many fish around that are cooler than these serpentine predators. And that especially applies if they’re bright yellow like the banana eel, a selectively bred color morph of Gymnothorax miliaris morays. But don’t forget: banana eels aren’t for every aquarium, nor every aquarist. Keep … Read more