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What types of foods can I feed my aquariums?

Ocellaris Clown fish tank with reef as background

What Types of Foods Can I Feed My Aquariums? Quick! Your aquarium is hungry! What do you grab first? We are going to look at the different types of food your aquarium inhabitants could be interested in. The better the nutrition you give them, the healthier they’ll be! It’s important to pick a type of … Read more

Piranha Keeping for Beginners – The Basics

Red bellied Piranha sitting on tank floor

Piranha Keeping for Beginners – The Basics Thinking of getting into piranha keeping? We get it. A school of these red-bellied, silver-shimmering carnivores with their intense reputation is quite a sight to see. Just keep in mind that these fish are more than flesh eating predators, and they have special requirements like any species. Keep … Read more