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Twig Catfish Care & Info

Farlowella catfish in thw aquarium

The aquarium hobby is home to a wealth of different fish species. There are big fish, small fish, colorful fish, bland fish… and then there’s catfish, the strangest of them all. The twig catfish is not an exception in this: as its common name suggests, this species has evolved to survive by resembling a twig.  … Read more

Setting Up A Blackwater Aquarium

Angel Fish in aquarium

When thinking of aquariums, most minds immediately go to crystal clear waters. Logically speaking, though, this isn’t actually the kind of environment that many of the fish we keep naturally occur in. Many bodies of water out in nature are stained a dark color by decaying organic material and there are lots of fish species … Read more

Emperor Tetra Care & Info

Emperor tetra fish close up front

In need of a schooling fish to spruce up the middle water layer of your aquarium? Not really into the idea of the regular old neon tetra or harlequin rasbora? Look no further: the emperor tetra is likely exactly what you’re looking for.  Keep reading for everything you need to know about keeping this regal … Read more

Bristlenose Pleco Care & Information

bristlenose pleco on aquarium class

If you’re interested in keeping “suckermouth” catfish (also referred to as “Plecos”) in your aquarium, the adult size of some of the species mentioned in our article on these catfish might seem a little intimidating. But don’t worry: not all Plecos grow into tankbusters. If you can provide an aquarium of 30 gallons or up, … Read more

5 Fascinating Plecostomus Catfish Species

Common Pleco close up in small aquarium

If you’re stocking a (South American-style biotope) aquarium, it’s pretty much inevitable to come across one of the many genera of tropical catfish out there. One of the most popular categories of catfish is generally collectively referred to as “Plecostomus catfish” or Plecos for short, despite the fact that only one of them carries this … Read more

Kribensis Cichlid: Care & Info

Kribensis Cichlid swimming in a custom aquarium

Looking for a new addition to your (community) aquarium but don’t want to settle for something boring? You’ll love Pelvicachromis pulcher, also known as the kribensis cichlid. With a pair of these feisty African cichlids, your tank will never be boring. You might even end up with some babies! Find out everything you need to … Read more

Rummynose Tetra Care & Info

Rummy Nose Tetra close up in aquarium

Caring for your rummy nose tetra There are many tetra species out there, all equally spectacular. One of our personal favorites, though, is the rummy nose tetra. This species’ red face and silver body make for a pretty dramatic display, while its friendly nature makes it suitable for the most peaceful community aquariums. Find out … Read more