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Best Plants For Your Custom Aquarium

Aquascaping sample

In need of some extra green in your home? As most aquarists know, a planted aquarium is just what you need to complete the urban jungle look. Here at FantaSEA Aquariums, we adore aquatic greenery, and today we’ll be sharing some of our favorite plants with you. Don’t worry: all are easy to grow and … Read more

Keeping Tiger Barbs | Puntigrus tetrazona

Tiger Barbs fish close up swimming

Sometimes the classics get a little boring… sometimes they don’t. The latter is the case for tiger barbs (Puntius tetrazona), a schooling aquarium fish that has been around since the hobby first started gaining popularity. Tiger barbs are appreciated for their bright colors and hardiness but have gained a bit of a bad reputation over … Read more

How to Set Up Your Freshwater Aquarium

Panoramic view of planted tropical fresh water aquarium with white background

How to Set Up Your Freshwater Aquarium If you’re looking to set up your first freshwater aquarium, there is more to keep in mind than you might think. Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated than just filling a glass box with water and putting some fish in it: you’ll actually have to set up … Read more

Lifespan of Freshwater Fishes Pt 1

fish in freshwater aquarium with beautiful tropical plants

Lifespan of Freshwater Fishes Pt 1 Some of us get a pet fish and get attached! We name them, we keep them clean, we feed them, and if we’re lucky they learn to think of us as the ‘Food Bringer’, swimming up to the glass to get our attention when we’re nearby. So when we … Read more

How to Acclimate Freshwater Aquarium Fish to your Tank

acclimating your freshwater fish to your tank

How to Acclimate Freshwater Aquarium Fish to your Tank After setting up your new aquarium and going through the tedious process of waiting for the tank to cycle, it can be very tempting to snag some pretty fish at the aquarium store and release them quickly to liven things up. Unfortunately, this can lead to … Read more

What Kind of Aquarium is Right for Me?

school of small silver fish by sea turtle

What kind of aquarium is right for me? Maybe the kids want a fish, or your dentist appointment wait was a little too long — or maybe you just got back from vacation in a tropical somewhere and want a little piece of the ocean with you! Aquarium keeping is a rewarding hobby, and we’re … Read more