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Banded serpent Starfish Care | Ophiolepis superba

Looking to add a starfish to your aquarium? Funnily enough, your best option isn’t actually a true starfish, although it’s definitely similar enough. Serpent starfish are much easier to care for than other sea star species and a much better choice for the majority of aquarists. Today, we’re talking banded serpent starfish (Ophiolepis suberba), one … Read more

6 Colorful Dottybacks for the Aquarium

Splendid dottyback, Pseudochromis splendens

Looking for a colorful addition to your (reef) aquarium and don’t mind a fish with a bit of an attitude? A dottyback may be the species for you! They’re beautifully colored and stay reasonably small, but don’t underestimate them: these little guys can be fiercely aggressive. Still, with the right choice in tankmates, it’s not … Read more

Sunrise Dottyback | Pseudochromis flavivertex Care & Info

Pseudochromis flavivertex

We’ve seen the sunrise dottyback referred to as the ‘gem of the Red Sea’ and we’re inclined to agree! If you’re looking for a colorful, jewel-toned fish to add to your marine aquarium and aren’t afraid of going for a somewhat territorial species, this might just be the ideal choice for your tank. Keep reading … Read more

Royal Dottyback | Pictichromis paccagnella Care & Info

Bicolor Dottyback (Pictichromis paccagnella), also called the Ro

Looking for a colorful addition to your fish tank and not worried about going for something a little more feisty? Let us introduce you to the royal dottyback (Pictichromis paccagnella), a bicolored eyecatcher that isn’t afraid to take on much larger tankmates if it feels its territory is being threatened. Keep reading for everything you … Read more

Red Fromia Starfish Care | Fromia milleporella

Nothing screams ‘marine aquarium’ quite like starfish, does it?! As mentioned in our list of aquarium-proof sea stars, though, most species are unfortunately actually not suitable for life in our reef tanks. One of the tentative exceptions is the genus Fromia, of which the red Fromia starfish (Fromia milleporella) is among the most common. Although … Read more

5 EASY & Reef Safe Starfish for the Aquarium

5 EASY & reef safe starfish for the aquarium

If you’re looking for interesting invertebrates to add to your aquarium, starfish may have caught your eye. They’re such a typical underwater inhabitant, but at the same time so alien and unusual that it’s easy to understand why they fascinate aquarists around the world. But beware: the majority of starfish is either not reef-safe or … Read more

Splendid Dottyback | Pseudochromis splendens Care & Info

Splendid dottyback | Pseudochromis splendens care & info

Is your aquarium still missing an eye-catcher? Have we got the fish for you! Meet the appropriately named splendid dottyback, a rather territorial but extremely beautiful fish species for the saltwater reef. Keep reading for everything you need to know about splendid dottyback care and keeping this fish in your home aquarium! Name (Common, Scientific) … Read more

Designer Clownfish: What’s the Hype?

Clown fish in water

If you’ve ever seen a funny-patterned clownfish in your local aquarium store accompanied by an impressive price tag, you may be wondering what’s going on. It’s true: ‘designer clownfish’, as they’re commonly called, can be very expensive. But what’s the hype? What is a designer clownfish, where do they come from and should you want … Read more

Neon Dottyback | Pseudochromis aldabraensis Care & Info

Neon dottyback (Pseudochromis aldabraensis) aquarium fish

Looking for a colorful addition for a fish-only tank and not afraid to take on a more feisty species? Neon dottybacks (Pseudochromis aldabraensis) are known for both their beauty and their terrible attitudes. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the neon dottyback and keeping one in your home aquarium! Name (Common, Scientific) … Read more