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Tailspot Blenny | Ecsenius stigmatura Care & info

Tailspot blenny | Ecsenius stigmatura care & info

Looking for a fun addition to your reef, or even a species that you can center a nano aquarium around? We’re delighted to introduce you to the tailspot blenny! This colorful, perpetually confused-looking bottom dweller might be the perfect species for your fish marine tank. Keep reading for everything you need to know about tailspot … Read more

What Is A Coral? | Corals & Reefs Explained

Over here on the FantaSEA blog, we talk about corals a lot. After all, they’re among the most coveted aquarium décor for saltwater fishkeepers! But let’s back things up a bit for the ones among us who aren’t experienced reefkeepers yet. After all, understanding the basics of these organisms helps us better understand how to … Read more

Fox Faced Rabbit Fish Care & Info

The foxface rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus) is a species of fish f

It’s colorful, a champion algae eater and peaceful towards its tankmates. Oh, and it sports venomous spikes. How cool can a fish be?! We’re talking about the fox faced rabbitfish, of course. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about fox faced rabbitfish and their care in the home aquarium.  Name (Common, Scientific) … Read more

Pufferfish vs Blowfish | What’s the Difference?

Pufferfish vs blowfish

Common names of aquarium fish species can sometimes get pretty confusing. One example is pufferfish vs blowfish: which is which? Or are they just different names for the same underwater creature? Let’s go into the pufferfish vs blowfish naming debacle and explore which species would be better for your aquarium. Pufferfish vs blowfish: The naming … Read more