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Spirorbid worms | Aquarium Friend or Foe?

If you’ve been following the FantaSEA blog for a while, you’ll know that there are plenty of critters out there that can show up in your aquarium uninvited. That’s why we’ve got the Aquarium Friend or Foe section! Today’s creature feature: spirorbid worms. Are they useful guests or unwanted pests? Keep reading for everything you … Read more

Peanut Worms | Aquarium Friend or Foe?

Peanut worm in the sand

Anyone who’s been keeping reef aquariums for a while can tell you that plenty of things pop up in saltwater aquariums that they never intentionally put in there. It’s usually just part of the fun, although sometimes it can be a headache (unwanted hitchhikers, anyone?). The peanut worm is among the stranger visitors that one … Read more